Lincoln College

Accelerated Bridge to Education: Lincoln College – Normal, IL Campus

ABE Spring Speaker Series: Contemporary Issues in the Workplace -“The Art and Science of Change Management”

Dr. Iva Vurdelja—Senior Consultant, Connor Partners, will present. WHAT is change management? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Perhaps it is, but it is one of the key responsibilities of leaders in any organization today. We will discuss what change looks like on a systemic, organizational level. What structures, systems and processes are subject to change, and when?

HOW do you accomplish change? Here’s where it really starts to get fun. We will explore a few ways of leading or at least influencing change, and give you some tools you can use in your organizations right away.

WHO influences change? Leaders must guide the change process for their organizations…or must they? Who else is involved, and what is their role and responsibility for the change process?We will look at this together, to see how we each have a stake in the success of the organization.

* Note: Please pick up your seat reservation tickets at the Front Desk for each session you plan to attend.