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Kendra Stewart

Kendra Stewart


Kendra Stewart is a student ambassador in the Admissions Office. She is responsible for encouraging prospective students to choose Lincoln College as their college choice by providing outstanding quality customer service to prospective students and their parents through campus tours, telephone calls, and correspondence by answering questions about academic programs, student activities and campus life at Lincoln College.

Major: Bachelor of Applied Management in Entrepreneurship

Hometown: Decatur, Illinois

Clubs/Organizations/Community Involvement: I am the founding President of the Business Management Club and on the Dean’s List for my grades. I am also a massage therapist working at Stout Chiropractic.

Favorite Thing About Lincoln College Normal: At Lincoln College-Normal there is a plethora of opportunity and educational growth. There are so many careers and professions to choose from on this campus. I came to the Normal Campus in 2008 for the cosmetology program, received my AAS, completed the massage therapy program, and am now a couple of semesters away from earning my BAM in Entrepreneurship. My favorite things about Lincoln College are the encouragement and support the faculty and students provide. This is truly an environment where everyone is encouraged to excel.

Why I choose to become an Admissions Ambassador? I became an Admissions Ambassador because I enjoy helping people who have a drive and an ambition to succeed. There were several people in my life that encouraged me to go back to school and they gave me the courage I needed to believe in me. I plan to pass that encouragement onto other students and be an ear to listen and an eye to help with guidance when needed.

Favorite Things to Do in Bloomington/Normal: Bloomington-Normal offers a big city feel in a smaller town atmosphere. There are several colleges and universities, like ISU that add an entertaining and youthful element to the town. I enjoy running on the Constitution Trail where I am always greeted with plenty of “good mornings” from friendly faces. My children and I also enjoy the many different parks, pools and restaurants.

Advice to Students: Never be afraid to ask for help and use the resources available here on campus. The students and faculty are all here to help one another be successful. I also advise students to stay in contact with their instructors and make sure that they are familiar with your face and work ethic. Instructors are more understanding with students who regularly attend class and put forth an effort.

Words to live by: It’s never too late to live out your dreams, even if you told yourself that you couldn’t. Set realistic goals and take the necessary steps to reach your dreams. Completing goals and checking them off the list boosts ones ambitions to reach even further and excel higher than they ever imagined. I did not even think I could finish cosmetology school and I have far surpassed that goal to create and strive for new ones. Never be afraid to tap into your undiscovered potential!

You can always arrange an individual campus visit to meet with a Student Ambassador, an Admissions Counselor, sit on a class, and take a tour of our campus. Simply call the Admissions Office 309-268-4314.