Four speakers and a new musical composition will be featured at a special observation of the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, death and funeral planned for Sunday, April 12, at the Lincoln Heritage Museum on the campus of Lincoln College, 300 Keokuk St., Lincoln, beginning at 2 p.m.

Under the theme, “A Nation Mourns, April 15, 1865,” speakers will recount Lincoln’s life, explore the 19th century media’s treatment of his death, provide a glimpse into the reaction of local residents and examine the journey of Lincoln’s body from Washington to Springfield.

The event, which is sponsored by The Logan County Genealogical & Historical Society, will open with a musical prelude by Lincoln College student Allie Miller. She will perform a work she composed, which draws on Lincoln’s funeral and his journey back to Illinois.

Charles Fricke will open with a narration, written by Logan County Historian Paul Gleason, of the life and times of Abraham Lincoln prior to April 15, 1865.

Ron Keller, Lincoln Heritage Museum Director, will present a PowerPoint presentation of national and local media coverage of President Lincoln’s death and funeral.

Alexa Maxey, a Lincoln College student, will give a dramatic portrayal related to the Lincoln assassination and funeral titled “Louisa Hawes’s Story: How Logan County Mourned a President and Friend.”

The event will close with Paul Beaver, Lincoln College Professor Emeritus, recounting the funeral preparations and travel plans that took President Lincoln’s body through the nation and home to Springfield, Illinois.

The Lincoln Heritage Museum will be open at the time of this program showcasing artifacts from the assassination and funeral of President Lincoln.