Working adults seeking a degree in Criminal Justice have a new opportunity beginning in August.

Lincoln College expanded its highly successful Accelerated Bridge to Education (ABE) program for adult learners to the Lincoln campus less than a year ago with business courses offered every five weeks. Beginning in the fall semester, Criminal Justice courses will also be offered every five weeks. To kick off the new program, an open house has been set for Monday, May 13, in Lincoln Center Room 128A, 5:30 – 7 p.m.

“This is a way for Lincoln College to better serve the entire Lincoln and Logan County community by offering new opportunities for adults seeking to earn a college degree with a flexible and affordable program close to home,” said Dr. David Gerlach, President of Lincoln College. “Criminal Justice has been one of our most popular degrees in our traditional program on the Lincoln campus, so it was a natural to add to our Lincoln ABE offerings.”

Beginning the week of August 19, Lincoln College ABE will be offering accelerated hybrid evening courses toward the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice on the Lincoln Campus.  Under the ABE program, students attend class one night a week for four hours (6-10 p.m.), supplemented by online learning for five weeks.  Upon completion of each five-week session, students earn a full three credit hours toward their degrees, just as they would if they had completed a semester’s work in a traditional program. By offering nine sessions of five weeks in a 12-month period, a student can earn 27 credits in a year by taking one course at a time.

“This is a great way for working adults to make rapid progress toward their college degrees,” said Vance Laine, Executive Director of the ABE program. “The five-week sessions are manageable for adults trying to juggle their work and family obligations and only having to attend class one night a week is attractive to those who want the face-to-face interaction with other adults interested in Criminal Justice but cannot make it to class more than one night a week.”

“We have found that many students appreciate having the option to skip a five-week session during the year. They may have a project at work that requires them to devote some extra hours or they may have family obligations during certain times of the year,” he explained.

The Criminal Justice courses offered in Lincoln this fall will be Introduction to Criminal Justice, Criminal Law, and Corrections I.

The Accelerated Bridge to Education program is geared toward adult learners aged 23 and older and is offered in Lincoln, Normal, Peoria and Oglesby.

At just $330 per credit hour for both tuition and fees, the ABE program offers a significant savings over most other four-year institutions, including public universities in Illinois.