For Faculty

For Faculty
Make-Up Exam Proctoring

The LRC’s Testing Center in room 106A is available to proctor make-up exams.  To submit a test for proctoring, complete a Proctor Request Form, available electronically via the ABE Faculty and Staff Group (Learning Resource Center under Files) or as a hard copy in the Faculty Workroom, and submit the test to the Testing Center. For more information, contact the Testing Center at [email protected] or 309.268.4899.


Students must schedule testing appointments in advance. They can contact the Testing Center

When students come for their appointment, they must present a photo ID. Completed exams or exams that have passed their expiration date will be returned to your mailbox.


The Testing Center is not equipped to accommodate an entire class; if you need a proctor for a class exam, contact the Program Director for your area.

Referral of Specific Students

If you feel that one of your students would benefit from working with a tutor, you can submit a Referral Form (available in the faculty workroom). You will be notified weekly of student compliance and progress.

Reserved Materials Cabinet

Items may be placed on reserve in the LRC for your students’ use. Stop by the LRC with the materials and any specific instructions for student use.

Research Assistance

If you have a research component in your class and would like an LRC writing specialist to talk to your class about the College’s online databases and other research tips, contact the LRC Director.

Take-Home Tests

Although most students who seek assistance from LRC tutors do so for legitimate reasons, occasionally a student may ask for help with a problem or question that was assigned as part of a take-home test. While it is LRC policy to refuse help on a make-up test, tutors do not necessarily know when a student’s questions arise from an exam. To help maintain the integrity of take-home tests and other projects which the student is required to complete without tutorial support, it is helpful if you notify the LRC when you make such assignments.