Radio, Television and New Media

Bachelor of Arts

Radio, Television and New Media

Bachelor of Arts

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Arts in Radio, Television and New Media prepares students for careers in all types of media production. Students will have the opportunity to script, produce, direct, edit, manage, program, promote and distribute media.


This course of study provides students with an in depth look at the convergence of media, balancing between theory and applied studies. The program culminates in a Senior Internship capstone course where students master the skills necessary to be competitive in today’s market.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create professional content for radio, television and multimedia platforms.
  • Communicate in a manner consistent with professional media standards.
  • Employ proficiency in modern media technology skills in radio, television, and digital media.

Why Study This Program?

Working in state of the art modern studios of WLNX-FM 88.9 and LCTV Channel 5, students acquire skills that will make them more marketable in today’s changing media landscape.



Experience & Opportunities

  • Hands-on experience during first year
  • On campus radio and television studios operated by students
  • Internships (internal and external)


  • On Air Performance
  • Programming and Management
  • Audio and Video Production
  • Digital Media Creation
  • Public Relations
  • Media Management and Sales
  • Advertising and Promotions
  • Radio, Television and Multimedia Journalism
  • Photojournalism
  • Sports and Live Event Production

Required Coursework


  • Complete a minimum of 120 credit hours
  • Minimum of 30 credit hours at 300 level or above
  • Final Lincoln College cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or above
  • Complete Lincoln College general education requirements (may be completed through AA or AS at Lincoln College or any regionally accredited institution)
  • Successful completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Radio, Television and New Media curriculum (63 hours)
  • Final 30 hours completed at Lincoln College.


CMN 105             Principles of Broadcast Announcing (3 hours)

CMN 130             Introduction to Mass Communication (3 hours)

CMN 135             Electronic Media Writing (3 hours)

BUS 203               Principles of Marketing (3 hours)

BUS 242               Principles of Advertising (3 hours)

CMN 227             Audio Production (3 hours)

CMN 247             Video Production (3 hours)         


CORE COURSES (30 hours)

CMN 305             Digital/Interactive Media (3 hours)

CMN 328             Electronic Journalism (3 hours)

CMN 330             History of American Radio and Television (3 hours)

CMN 332             Electronic Media Programming (3 hours)

CMN 335             Media Management and Sales (3 hours)

CMN 348             Communication Law (3 credits)

CMN 427             Advanced Audio Production (3 credits)

CMN 447             Advanced Video Production (3 credits)

CMN 448             Video Field Production (3 credits)

CMN 490             Media Criticism (3 hours)



CMN 191             Radio Practicum – Announcing (1 hour)

CMN 192             Radio Practicum – News/Public Affairs (1 hour)

CMN 193             Radio Practicum – Production/Copywriting (1 hour)

CMN 194             Television/Digital Media Practicum – On Camera Performance (1 hour)

CMN 195             Television/Digital Media Practicum – Technician/Production (1 hour)

CMN 196             Television/Digital Media Practicum – Field/Post Production/Editing (1 hour)

CMN 291             Broadcast Practicum (3 hours)



CMN 491             Senior Internship (3 hours)


Program Contact

Dr. John Malone
Associate Professor of Communication
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 217-735-7288


What Our Students Say

The initial draw to the program was being a Lincoln native and also a fan of the College Radio Station 89X. Coming into the school and realizing that by my third day I would be Live On-Air, on that same station, was mind-blowing. I’ve been able to be apart of afternoon radio shifts, morning drive radio, and now an active member in the College Tv Station, LCTV. Being able to have hands on experience, starting the first day, has helped in my search for internships and future employment. I’m as excited now (for the next 2 years) as I was coming into the program the first day.

Meranda Vieregge, Radio, Television, and New Media Major


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