Bachelor of Arts


Bachelor of Arts

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre is designed to produce well-rounded theatre generalists. Graduates will possess training that will prepare them to assume roles in regional theatres, enter graduate school, or allow them to assume leadership positions in the community based theatres.

Students will develop an understanding of the many aspects of theatre and the collaboration required to produce and perform theatre pieces through both technical competency and broad knowledge of theatre. In addition, students will be allowed to develop specific skills through advanced coursework and gain practical experience in acting, directing, or technical theatre.

Learning Outcomes

  • Communicate effectively about theatre.  
  • Produce critical analysis of theatre literature from a variety of theatrical perspectives
  • Produce constructive critical responses to theatrical phenomena.
  • Produce solutions to production-specific problems in varied theatrical styles.  
  • Employ competence in theatre creation and production.
  • Employ competence in theatre scholarship.

Why Study Theatre?

Theatre majors learn a wide variety of skills that are directly applicable to jobs in business, education, science, human services, medicine, psychology, writing, and management of all sorts, in addition to the arts.

Theatre students study how to present themselves clearly and expressively. They learn this through the acting classes, but also through directing, and the presentations they do of their designs.

Experience & Opportunities

  • Get involved as an actor, designer, or crew member as soon as your walk on campus
  • Touring Shakespearean production
  • 4 productions per year
  • Shows ranging in style from ancient Greek to Contemporary Comedy
  • Musicals produced every other year
  • Facilities: Johnston Center for Performing Arts including a main stage theatre with a seating capacity of 300 people and a black box theatre with 83 seats
  • Available scholarships


  • Actor
  • Artistic Director
  • Associate Director
  • Dramaturg
  • Lighting
  • Makeup/Hair Designers
  • Producer
  • Stage Manager
  • Teacher/Professor
  • Tech Director
  • Tour Manager
  • Traditional Public Relations


Music Foundation Courses (36 hours) – may be completed as associate level

Successful completion of the Theatre Core Curriculum (65 hours)


Theatre Foundation Courses (19 hours)


Each of the following courses:
THE 104 – Intro to Technical Theatre
THE 107 – Dramatic Activities I
THE 108 – Dramatic Activities II
THE 111 -Acting I
THE 112 – Acting II
THE 204 – Stagecraft
THE 207 –  Dramatic Activities III
THE 208 – Dramatic Activities IV
THE 211 – Fundamentals of Directing


Theatre Core Courses (28 hours)


Each of the following courses (prerequisite for all the following are Junior/Senior standing unless otherwise noted):
THE 305 – Theatre History I
THE 306 – Theatre History II
THE 307 – Theatre Lab I
THE 308 – Theatre Lab II
THE 311 – Voice and Diction
THE 345 – Costuming and Stage Make-up
THE 349 – Theatre Management
THE 371 – Script Analysis
THE 407 – Theatre Lab III
THE 408 – Theatre Lab IV
THE 445 – Theatre Design
THE 471 – Modern Drama and Performance


Theatre Electives (6 hours)


Any two of the following courses:
THE 313 – Stage Management
THE 347 – Sound Design and Production
THE 411 – Acting Styles
THE 413 – Advanced Directing
THE 491 – Internship


Fine Arts Electives (9 hours)

Any three courses totaling 9 credit hours with an ART, DAN, MUS, PHO or THE* designation, and/or courses the following courses: HUM 120, CMN 103

* Courses with the THE designation used above in any of the requirements of the major, including the Theatre elective, may NOT be used as a Fine Arts Elective.


Senior Coursework (3 hours)


THE 403 – Senior Project

Program Contact

Katie Eickhoff
Assistant Professor of Theatre
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 217-735-7276