Accommodations for former MacMurray College Students

Transfer Accommodations for MacMurray College Students

Lincoln College recognizes the challenging circumstances confronting MacMurray College’s students in light of MacMurray College’s recent closure announcement.  While none of the following constitutes a formal agreement between the two colleges, Lincoln College wishes former MacMurray College students to know that we will do everything possible to help them through this difficult period, including serving as a possible transfer institution.

In service to former MacMurray College students, Lincoln College commits to the following accommodations:


  • Price-matching the student’s costs based on their Fall, 2020 Financial Aid Award Letter.
  • Extend transfer scholarships to any former MacMurray students who enroll at Lincoln College.
  • Allow students with 15 or more credit hours of IAI-approved or transfer-equivalent General Education Core Curriculum coursework to complete the IAI recognized General Education curriculum.
  • Waive the usual residency requirement associated with all Lincoln College degree programs.
  • Articulate all prior coursework in a manner that maximizes its utility for completion of any Lincoln College degree program.

All of the above accommodations will continue to be recognized until the start of the Fall, 2021 semester.

Transfer/Course Articulation Guides for Certain MacMurray College Programs

While Lincoln College does commit to assisting any of MacMurray’s former students make the most of their prior coursework, there are certain Lincoln College programs that are more closely aligned with MacMurray’s requirements than others.  The transfer/course articulation guides below represent the four Lincoln College programs that most closely match MacMurray’s program offerings.