Resumés and Cover Letters


The resumé is a key element to how you market yourself to potential employers in any job search. It should provide important details of your qualifications, background, and what you can offer an employer. It should also do so in a concise and well organized format and should also be kept up-to-date as you progress in your educational and career pursuits to accurately reflect your current skills and experiences.


For in-depth tips on how to construct a resumé, view our Resumé Guide.


If you would like a form-fillable generic resumé that you can save and print, see our Generic Resume Template.


If you would like to see Major-specific types of resumés, view our Resumé Examples.


Anthony O’Neal shows you how to write an impressive resume to catch the attention of your future employer! These hiring tips will help both a high school or college student, so get ready to take some notes.



Cover Letters

The Cover Letter is another important tool that allows you to market yourself to potential employers. It provides an opportunity to demonstrate that your particular skills and qualifications fit the requirements of the position in question. It also allows you to show that you have done your research on the position and the organization as well as providing an example of your ability to write and communicate effectively.


If you would like a generic form-fillable cover letter that you can save and print, view our Gen eri c Cover Letter Template.


For in-depths tips on how to construct your own cover letter, view our Cover Le tt er Guide.


Schedule a resumé or cover letter review

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