Information for Crime Victims

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Information for Crime Victims

The focus of the Lincoln College sexual assault response policy is the well-being of the victim/survivor.  Survivors are strongly encouraged to report sexual assault by following one or more of these procedures.  Any survivor, has the option to report the crime to the Lincoln Police Department (9-911) or the Office of Campus Safety and Security at (217) 737-4477.

Instances of sexual assault may be brought to the College’s disciplinary system.  The survivor may file charges with the Dean of Students (217-735-7302), and after an appropriate investigation, a hearing in front the Judicial Hearing Committee may be conducted.  During the hearing, both the accuser and accused are entitled to have other persons present.  They are also to be informed of the outcome of the proceeding.

The burden of proof in a campus disciplinary hearing is a “preponderance of evidence,” meaning that the accused is more likely than not to have committed the offense.  The standard of proof, widely used by campuses across the country, is less stringent than the standard of “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” used in criminal proceedings.

Sanctions in such proceedings could include counseling, warning, disciplinary probation, removal from a residence hall, reviewing of class schedule, suspension or expulsion.