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In the event that a crime is reported on campus or in/on property owned or controlled by Lincoln College, that poses a serious or continuing threat to the campus community, a campus timely warning notice will be issued to the entire campus community. When a serious crime is reported to the Lincoln Police Department or Lincoln College Security and poses a threat to the campus community, the LC Communications Department personnel/Security/Dean of Students will typically develop the content and will issue a timely warning using the Lincoln College website (campus email, displayed on the campus portal, and printed copies may be posted in various locations on campus).

Timely warnings are usually distributed for the following: major incidents of arson, criminal homicide and robbery, incidents of aggravated assault and sex offenses are considered on a case-by-case basis after reviewing the facts and deciding whether there is a continuing danger to the campus community and the amount of information known by the Lincoln College Security and Lincoln Police Department. For example, if an assault occurs between two students who have a disagreement, there may be no on-going threat to other LC community members and a timely warning would not be distributed. In cases involving sexual assault, they are often reported long after the incident occurred, thus there is not ability to distribute a “timely” warning notice to the community. Sex offenses will be considered on a case-by-case basis depending on when and where the incident occurred, when it was reported, and the amount of information known by Lincoln College Security. Cases involving property crimes will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and alerts will typically be sent if that is a discernible pattern of crime. The Lincoln College Security or designee reviews all reports to determine if there is an on-going threat to the community and if the distribution of a timely warning is warranted. Names and identifying information of victims will be held as confidential.