Estate Planning: Pay It Forward

We Don’t Own this World; We Borrow It from Future Generations

We appreciate that our supporters need to balance their desire to support Lincoln College with personal obligations.

Including Lincoln College in your estate planning is an effective way to empower and support our mission in the future, while assuring that those closest to you continue to receive the support they need.

An estate gift can provide a permanent endowment that will benefit future generations of students or it can offer a means to finance a single major gift that will serve as a legacy. We can offer advice and support to anyone considering Lincoln College in their estate.

Bear in mind that because Lincoln College is a small institution with limited endowments, your decision to contribute means your gift will have the maximum impact possible. Our contributors have spent a lifetime working hard to reach the stage in life where they can consider making a gift that will serve as a legacy.

It is only natural to want to be assured that an estate gift will result in life-changing opportunities for the beneficiaries. There is simply no place more suited than Lincoln College for those who want to know that their gifts will make the world a better place by providing an education and a pathway to success for our students.

Spotlight: The David Harts Society

Few individuals have had as great of an impact on Lincoln College as David H. Harts. He is credited with saving Lincoln College during the Depression, ensuring faculty members were paid. He served on the Board of Trustee until his death in 1961.

In his will, Mr. Harts set up a portion of his estate to benefit Lincoln College, its students, faculty and staff. More than a half century after his death, Mr. Harts bequest continues to benefit Lincoln College.

It is in his memory that the David Harts Society was established to honor those that make provisions for Lincoln College in their estate planning.

Members of the David Harts Society know they will leave a lasting legacy at Lincoln College.

Judy Morley

Like many donors, Judy Morley had plenty of choices when she began planning her estate. But, she says, she ultimately decided to focus on Lincoln College, and honor her parents, Arthur ’36 and Amanda Bree.

“I thought about giving a little bit here, there, and everywhere, but I wanted to do something meaningful. I knew that my contribution would be appreciated by any institution or charity, but as I considered my options, I kept coming back to Lincoln College. It is not a wealthy institution, so this gift will be useful and meaningful. Lincoln College has ‘staying power,’ which is important to me. The college has survived wars, the ‘Great Depression,’ and numerous recessions,” Morley explained.