Unrestricted Gifts to Meet Priority Needs

As Lincoln College embarks on this new phase in its history, we must carefully balance multiple needs to assure that our students get the maximum benefit from the generosity of our supporters.

With a growing student population, we must have the physical infrastructure to support new students – classroom space, housing, dining areas, rehearsal and performance space and sports training facilities all must be maintained and expanded to accommodate students.

In today’s competitive market, we must continually enhance the College environment to attract new students. As we grow, we are placing an added burden on staff resources. Recruiting and retaining quality faculty to lead our new four-year degree programs is key to retaining quality students and the success of these new programs.  At the same time, we recognize that funding from state and federal sources can be volatile. We must be prepared to step in when necessary to uphold our commitment to education and support our students so they can realize their dreams and aspirations.

Additionally, Lincoln College takes seriously our partnership with the greater Lincoln community. We are proud to open our facilities to the public – the Lincoln Heritage Museum, the Dr. G. Dennis Campbell Creekside Outdoor Center for Environmental Education, the Johnston Center for Performing Arts, the Lincoln Center, and the Scully Natatorium to name just a few.

These varied demands require flexibility to adapt to changing conditions and needs. That is why we are so appreciative of donors to the unrestricted LINCOLN Fund. Those who contribute to the LINCOLN Fund are not only making a financial commitment to the College, but are also placing a vote of confidence in the administration of Lincoln College.

We deeply appreciate the trust contributors place in Lincoln College. Rest assured that your contribution will be treated with the respect it deserves.

Darwin Runyon, Class of ’81

As a small business owner and former Lincoln resident, Darwin Runyon knows the impact Lincoln College has on the population of Lincoln, Illinois. So he knew that his gift would not only have an impact on the historic University Hall, but also ensure a thriving community around it by supporting the LINCOLN Fund.

Like many donors, Runyon knew it would be difficult to make a single, large gift.  But, by making a recurring contribution, he found that “for less than what I spend on coffee per week, I can make a nice contribution. The neat thing is, if you were to take that $20.65 a week times 50 years, that’s almost a $54,000 contribution, so small amounts do add up.”