Targeted Giving

No Matter What Your Interest, There is an Exciting Investment Opportunity

Lincoln College has never been a place for cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all education. We are proud of the diversity of our students and their varied interests, backgrounds and perspectives.

We know that each of our supporters comes to the Campaign for Lincoln College from their own unique perspective. We can help you make your mark on Lincoln College in ways that are targeted to your interests, whether it is arts, sports, academic excellence, sciences, social responsibility or other priorities that you may have.

Scholarship contributions are always welcome. Lincoln College students have traditionally come from modest means and are often the first members of their families to go to college. That is just as true today as it was when the college was founded in 1865. Donors often remark at how appreciative Lincoln College students are of the support they receive. We believe that is in part because our students have worked hard to get to Lincoln College and they know the value of the educational opportunity they have before them.

Of course, scholarships are just one way to assist students. Contributions that are targeted to specific projects benefit the entire student body. A targeted gift can touch the lives of students for years and decades to come.  As a small institution with modest resources, your contribution won’t get lost among legions of donors. In fact, many of our donors specifically choose Lincoln College because they know that their contributions will go further and make a bigger difference than at other institutions. There is nothing selfish about wanting your contribution dollars to have as big of an impact as possible. Every donor wants to make sure the College maximizes its return on investment. We are pleased to help Lincoln College donors see exactly how far their contributions can go.

H.S. “Saf” and Betty Peacock

Ask Lincoln College Trustee Emeritus Saf Peacock why he and his wife Betty decided to make their annual Peacock Scholarship a permanent endowment and his answer is straight to the point, “Our family has always felt education is the most important thing in one’s development and should be on center stage.”

Since 2004, Lincoln residents Saf and Betty Peacock have provided an annual gift to Lincoln College to support multiple scholarships of $1,000. As a result of the College’s EMPOWER campaign, the Peacocks decided to endow their scholarship so that it will continue in perpetuity.