Scholarships for ABE students

State Farm Companies Foundation Scholarships

The ABE program at Lincoln College is affordable. Compare!


  Lincoln College  ISU UIS-Online
Per credit hour rate for tuition and fees combined (assumes 9 cr/semester) $350.00 $491.91 $421.90
Savings for 60 credit hours by attending Lincoln College ABE   $8,514.60 $4,314.00


Many non-traditional community college graduates need an incentive to continue toward earning a bachelor’s degree because they have struggled to balance work, family, and academic responsibilities just to earn the associate’s degree.  The State Farm Companies Foundation has generously provided funds for scholarships to cover full tuition less Pell Grant and MAP Grant for 12 months for students with financial need who have earned at least 50 semester credit hours and are enrolled in accelerated hybrid degree programs at Lincoln College in Normal.


Keep in mind also that because of the early deadline to qualify for Illinois MAP Grant funding, most adult students qualify their second year even if they missed the deadline their first year in ABE.


Please apply for t his scholarship at least three weeks prior to the term in which you will start an accelerated hybrid program at Lincoln College in Normal.


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