Dual Credit Program

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Cost of courses

2022-2023 dual credit course costs:


$150/credit hour per semester
$450 for a 3 credit hour course
$600 for a 4 credit hour course


Tuition payments are made directly to Lincoln College before the first day of class. A payment plan may be requested by contacting the Lincoln College business office at 217.735.5050 ext. 7225. Please note that tuition balances must be paid in full before registering for dual credit courses in subsequent semesters.



Textbooks are provided and delivered to the high school (at no cost to the student or the high school) by Lincoln College. The high school faculty member will instruct the students to sign and comply with the textbook rental agreement upon receipt of the textbook. The rental agreement forms will be returned to the Lincoln College Bookstore. At the end of the semester, the textbooks will be returned to Lincoln College. Fees will be assessed to any student not returning a textbook to Lincoln College.


Application process and eligibility

All students must complete the Lincoln College Dual Credit Application. There is no application fee and applications must be processed before students can take the Accuplacer placement test.


Students must be in good standing as either a junior or senior and must have the appropriate academic background prior to taking each course:


Seniors: 3.0 GPA
Juniors: 3.5 GPA


Students who wish to enroll in math courses may be required to take the Accuplacer placement test. Students may resubmit transcripts after new final grades are issued, should their GPA meet the minimum requirements to exempt testing. To continue in dual credit courses students must meet the academic progress standards of Lincoln College.


Accuplacer Placement Testing

Some students taking a math course may be required to take the Accuplacer test which will be administered by a Lincoln College staff member. There is no time limit on the test and approved calculators may be used. Depending on the math Accuplacer score and math ACT subscore, students may be allowed the opportunity to take a test-out math exam for a $20 fee. Additionally, students are allowed to retake the Accuplacer test for a $20 fee.



Student grades will be recorded on an official Lincoln College transcript which will be a permanent academic record for the student that will list all courses and grades received.


After beginning a dual credit course if a student wishes to withdraw, they must file the appropriate paperwork within the appropriate deadlines as posted on the Lincoln College academic calendar. Students need to understand that a withdrawal may result in future loss of financial aid.


Dual credit courses are recorded on the student’s transcript and are considered in future financial aid eligibility. Accordingly, students must be mindful of the financial aid consequences of taking a college course.


All high school students enrolled in college classes are held accountable to academic policies, rules, and regulations as specified in the Lincoln College-Lincoln catalog. For more information, please see www.lincolncollege.edu.


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