International Students

International students are an important and significant part of our campus community. Our commitment to international student education sets the standard for private, residential institutions. International students are encouraged to get involved in the campus experience by participating in extracurricular athletic teams, clubs and organizations, and leadership opportunities. Lincoln College welcomes international diversity, and our application is your first step to joining the Lynx family.


To apply you will need to submit:

1. The free application for admission

2. Your official high school transcripts, including an official course-by-course evaluation from a foreign credential evaluation agency.

3. IELTS, Duolingo or TOEFL scores only if the student’s native language is non-English.

4. Proof of adequate finances for the entire period of planned attendance. If you are being sponsored by another individual, group or organization, you must also provide the International Sponsorship Form. 



Scholarship Opportunities

Lincoln College does not award federal financial aid assistance to international students, however, international students are elgible to apply for Lincoln College scholarship and grants with the same opportunities as domestic students. This includes scholarships based on  athletics and fine arts talent, merit-based, and annual and endowed.


J-1 Exchange Program

The purpose of the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program is to provide an educational experience that will give international students the opportunity to learn about the United States culture, and share their unique perspective, culture, and traditions with Americans and other international students. The J-1 students engage in cultural excursions throughout the greater Central Illinois area to learn about American life, and more specifically, about Abraham Lincoln, one of the most famous and well-known United States Presidents. Additionally, exchange students develop and facilitate cultural events on campus to help the Lincoln College community learn about their home cultures.

Transcript Evaluations

Lincoln College requires international students to have their transcripts evaluated by a professional organization that specializes in evaluating foreign transcripts. See the table below for a list of options.

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Company Basic/General Eval Fee Detailed Eval Fee Other Eval Fee Processing time Mailing Costs Other Costs Notes:
Educational Perspectives $85.00 $135.00 Rush – $85  (2-3 days) 5 days Courier Service: Domestic – $35; Int’l – $60; Priority Mail: $10   Detailed Eval required and includes course by course evaluation with grades and calculated GPA
Academic Evaluation Services $80.00 $140.00 Rush – 100% additional 4 weeks USPS Express: $25; Int’l – $50   Detailed Eval Required = course by course evaluation
Center for Applied Research, Evaluation and Education Inc. High school – $75;   Bachelor – $75 High school – $100; Bachelor – $120 GPA calculator – $20 2-4 weeks Domestic – $10-25; Int’l – $35   Detailed Eval Required = course by course evaluation
Educational Credential Evaluators $85.00 Course-by course = $110-$140 Course-by course = $140; Rush – $50-80 4 weeks Domestic – $35; Int’l – $60   Course by Course required. 5 days rush = $80; 12 days rush = $50



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