The Lincoln College chapter of The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) celebrated the efforts and achievements of its members, award recipients, and 39 newly inducted students through a prerecorded induction and awards ceremony video that was released via email and social media on April 23. Zach Landers, Director of Student Engagement and advisor to the NSLS chapter said, “these have been challenging times for everyone and even though our on-campus ceremony had to be canceled, we were not going to let their hard work go unrecognized.” The executive leadership team unanimously agreed through a Zoom meeting on creating a video and members, award recipients, and inducted members all submitted video clips and pictures to piece together a virtual version of what their ceremony would have been like if they were still on campus.

Students are invited to join the society based on academic qualifications, leadership experience, or exhibiting leadership potential. Once a student has accepted their invitation to join, they must complete a step-by-step leadership program in order to be inducted which includes leadership training, participating in success networking teams, and attending world renowned speaker broadcasts.

New inductees included Yasmine Austin (Caulmet City, IL), Milan Bajgai (Manchester, England); Tyalor Becker (Highland, IL); Kynleigh Blake (Mt. Zion, IL); Sarah Buckner (Deactur, IL); Madeline Cleary (Springfield, IL); Chaddam Crosier (Rushville, IL); Logan DeRight (Mt. Pulaski, IL); Anjelia Dominguez (Lincoln, IL); Marko Dominovic (Split, Croatia); Jennifer Dragoo (Lincoln, IL); Ashley Durham (Henderson, KY); Imad El Mawas (Tripoli, Lebanon); Aaron Evans (Springfield, IL); Alexis Garcia (Dade City, FL); Jack Hale (Fenton, MO); Joshua Howard (Springfield, IL); Ziwen Liu (Zibo, China); Amber Mason (Belleville, IL); Takila Moore (Buckeye, AZ); Tiarra Morgan (Calumet Park, IL); Kerstin Osborne (Lincoln, IL); Josalyn Owens (Lincoln, IL); Zachary Rissman (Sycamore, IL); Hannah Salzman (Saint Anne, IL); Jenna Salzman (St. Anne, IL); Keri Scoles (Clinton, IL); Dakota Shelpler (Macomb, IL); Elisabeth Shick (Kansas, IL); Saydey Shubert (Canton, IL); Marissa Sifuentez-Lewis (Crestwood, IL); Victoria Smith (Homewood, IL); Sitivi Sooaemalelagi (Sapapalii, Leulumoega, Samoa); Gaylon Stewart (West Frankfort, IL); Alec Timm (Sherman, IL); Ivan Vlek (Bahia Blanca, Argentina); Shanshan Wang (Zibo, China); and Emma Winslow (Georgetown, IL).

“I’m extremely proud of our executive leadership team and this cohort of inductees given the circumstances. These students got grit, our spring semester started off normal and then our entire worlds were turned upside down during our extended spring break. They have shown they’re resilient and have persevered through this situation by not only completing their course work, but continue to complete their steps for induction into the society. All great qualities of a leader” Zach said.

Once inducted, members can pursue the Advanced and Executive Leadership Certifications. Mion Denton (Lincoln, IL) and Alexis Kennedy (St. Louis, MO) were honored during the virtual ceremony for earning the Advanced Leadership Certification. They continued their journey from inducted member to the next stage of leadership. The steps included modules for enhanced skill building and development of their personal leadership, community service, facilitating success networking teams, and attending additional speaker broadcasts.

The LC NSLS chapter also recognized members of the campus community and community at large during their virtual induction ceremony. Three professors were awarded the Excellence in Teaching Award: Katherine Eickhoff, Theater; Alex Wolfe, Exercise Science; and Ron Keller, History and Political Science. The award is given to faculty or staff who teach with passion, inspire students beyond the classroom, demonstrate dedication to developing students beyond academic qualifications or who make a positive difference in the lives of NSLS members.

Three staff members were given the Excellence in Service to Students Award:  Joyce Geary, Administrative Assistant to Academic Affairs; Judy Atteberry, Administrative Assistant to Student Affairs; and Diane Stephenson, Director of Health Services. The award is given to non-faculty members on campus that exemplify leadership and mentorship and demonstrate a commitment to bettering the lives of students.

The LC NSLS chapter also gave out two honorary memberships to Cindy Aussieker and Marla Williams for their impact on the community with establishing a local chapter of Mom’s Who Care. The award is given to faculty, staff, administrators, or members of the greater community who embody the NSLS mission and demonstrate leadership qualities in a personal or professional capacity.

The National Society for Leadership and Success is the nation’s largest leadership honor society with the mission of “building leaders who make a better world”. If you wish to know more about the LC chapter of the NSLS or would like to partner on community service initiatives, please contact Zach Landers at