Lincoln College, an institution with a tradition of offering affordable, quality education that goes back more than 150 years, and the only college named for Abraham Lincoln during his lifetime, has announced a new “Lincoln College Price Match Program,” that updates the College’s commitment to affordability to meet the needs of 21st century students.

“At Lincoln College, we have long offered scholarships or grants to all full-time traditional students. With the new ‘Lincoln College Price Match Program’ we are expanding our options to make financing a college education easier,” said David Gerlach, president of Lincoln College.

“It’s really quite simple,” Gerlach said. “If you receive a better financial aid package from another qualifying college or university, provide us with a copy of your competing financial aid award letter.  If you meet all eligibility requirements, Lincoln College attempts to not only match the net price of your competing offer but may include an additional $2,000 award ($1,000 per semester) in your Lincoln College financial aid package.”

The Price Match Program reflects Lincoln College’s commitment to providing a quality education at an exceptional value, allowing students to qualify to attend at less than the price offered by competing institutions.

The program will launch for new full-time students, both freshmen and transfer students, enrolling in the fall of 2019. Students must meet minimum eligibility requirements.

While the Price Match Program is a merit-based program, Lincoln College offers many other merit and need-based scholarships and grants. In fact, 100% of Lincoln College’s traditional full-time students receive some form of institutional financial aid. All other scholarship and loan programs remain in effect.

“We understand that shopping for college can be a daunting task, especially for students who may be the first in their family to attend college. We view the Price Match Program as just one more tool that our financial aid counselors have available to cut through the clutter of college pricing,” Gerlach said. “Our counselors are experts at helping students and their families navigate the challenges of paying for college. We strongly encourage anyone considering college to contact our admissions office, so we can identify the options that will work best for their individual needs.”

While the Price Match Program requires acceptance to a baccalaureate degree granting institution, Lincoln College remains a hybrid institution also offering two-year associate degree programs in a residential college setting. Gerlach explained that the “hybrid” two- and four-year mix is designed around the needs of students, especially first-generation college students, who may not be able to initially commit to a full four-year program. The associate degree path allows students to build confidence that they can succeed in college and eases the transition to a traditional four-year program for those that choose to continue their education.

Finally, Lincoln College also offers its highly successful and affordable “Accelerated Bridge to Education (ABE)” program for working adults. The ABE program, offered on four Illinois campuses in Lincoln, Normal, East Peoria and Oglesby, allows adult students to earn a bachelor’s degree while attending class one night a week in concentrated five- or eight-week sessions.

Students and families interested in Lincoln College can visit the college website at; email or call toll-free at (800) 569-0556. In order to expedite any financial aid application, Gerlach reminded students and parents to be sure and include the Lincoln College code number 001709 on their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

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