Lincoln College held its first induction ceremony of the newly established Sigma Alpha Pi chapter of The National Society of Leadership and Success, on Saturday, Dec. 1. Fifty-six Lincoln College students were inducted into the nation’s largest leadership honor society – joining a network of more than 900,000 student leaders from more than 600 colleges and universities across the United States.

Director of Student Engagement and Advisor of the Society Zach Landers has had an opportunity to work with many of the students who were inducted and many already serve in some leadership capacity at the College.

“Nearly every academic and co-curricular program is being represented in this first group of inductees. I’m very excited for our new members and can’t wait to see how they apply what they’ve learned through this induction process and the impact they’ll make on their own communities here on campus and beyond,” Landers said.

Among those that were inducted were students serving in various leadership roles in student organizations, student leadership positions through various departments, ambassadors, student-athletes, fine arts students, and students who want to take an active role in their leadership development.

For a student to be invited to the society they must meet a minimum grade point average and/or currently serve in a leadership role or have the potential to be a leader. To be inducted, students have to complete a rigorous five-step leadership development program which includes: accepting their nomination, an orientation, attending leadership training, attending three national broadcast lectures, and forming success networking teams that meet multiple times to set-goals and hold each other accountable in attaining those goals.

Many of the skills, students learned through this induction process can not only be applied and benefit them in the classroom or in their co-curricular activities, but what they do beyond their time at Lincoln College. Dean of Students, Bridgett Thomas who serves as a co-advisor stated, “This organization is a great opportunity for students to develop leadership skills and decide what kind of leader they wish to be in the future.”

Landers first learned about the society when he was appointed to his current position in fall of 2015.

“I’ve been in communication with the NSLS national office off and on over the past few years. Last spring, I made the decision, with the support of my superiors, that Lincoln College was now in a good position to bring the NSLS to campus,” Landers said, adding, “With President (David) Gerlach’s plan for Lincoln College in full effect, students are staying longer to pursue their four-year degree. This organization provides the perfect opportunity for our current and aspiring student leaders to come together in one community to learn leadership and support one another as they purse their academic and professional career goals.”

Some Lincoln College faculty, staff, and administrators were also recognized by Society members with special awards during the ceremony. Dr. David Gerlach, President of Lincoln College and Quentin Brackenridge, Director of Residence Life were given an Honorary Membership Award. Jan Bowers, Associate Professor of Mathematics was given the Excellence in Teaching Award, and Susan Boehler, was presented the Excellence in Service to Students Award.

The Lincoln College Chapter of Sigma Alpha Pi has already made preparations for the next group of students being invited to join in the spring semester. They will be receiving their invitations as they return home for winter break.

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