Lincoln College announced it has purchased the apartment complex at the north end of campus at the corner of Nicholson Road, Ottawa and Wichita Streets to house additional students starting in the fall 2017 semester.

 Enrollment was up 15% during the fall semester and the spring 2017 semester has seen its largest enrollment in five years. The College attributes this to students starting out at the College and declaring a 4-year degree and students transferring to Lincoln College to earn a Bachelor’s Degree.

 “We are anticipating adding an additional 100 students during the fall 2017 semester on top of this year’s already record setting year” said Dr. David Gerlach, President of Lincoln College.

 Freshman student Kenny Koster of Midway, Chicago is a Bachelor’s Degree seeking student and is excited about the opportunity to stay at Lincoln College for four years and graduate in 2020 with his Bachelor’s Degree.

 “I was very excited to learn Lincoln College offered Bachelor’s Degrees so I could stay at one school all four years. When I came to visit campus, I immediately loved the small class sizes and the close knit community; it felt like a family to me” explained Koster.

 Students like Koster, are discovering what we already know, noted Gerlach. “Lincoln College offers one of the best values for those who are cost conscious in education today. Lincoln College is one of the lowest cost private colleges and is comparable to many public universities.” Gerlach said, “Not only are new students choosing Lincoln College, but we are seeing major increases in the number of students returning.”

 The College has also seen an increase in local students attending Lincoln College and living on campus. Kaylyn Hoffert, a volleyball player from Lincoln majoring in Sport Management says her decision to attend Lincoln College and live on campus was easy.

 “It has been very beneficial for me to be able to stay close to home and attend college because being close to my family and friends is something I was not willing to let go of.” Hoffert added, “I love that Lincoln College gives you a teacher to student relationship that you wouldn’t get at larger schools where you are just a number in a lecture hall.”

 When asked why she chose to live on campus, Hoffert said, “I believe it’s important to get the full college experience and by living on campus, you learn to do things on your own.”

 With the College’s second-highest residential population in the college’s history combined with the addition of more Bachelor’s Degrees coming in the near future and the rising retention rate of students staying at Lincoln College, additional housing is needed.

 “The acquisition of these apartments will allow the College to house an additional 45 students,” noted Gerlach.

When Koster learned about the apartments, he thought it was a great addition to the College. “This will give students the opportunity to in a sense, live on their own a little bit more and gain independence and responsibilities before we go into the real world on our own.”

 Interior renovation drawings are being planned and Lincoln College crews will be starting interior work soon.