The radio duo of Nik Jackson and Adam Hoffman have once again been recognized for their outstanding accomplishments in providing exceptional radio and television play-by-play of Lincoln College athletics. The Illinois Broadcasters Association presented its annual Silver Dome Awards for Achievement in Broadcasting at its 2019 convention June 13, in Springfield.

Jackson and Hoffman were recognized with a “Broadcast Excellence Award” for second place in the category of Best Radio Play-by-Play. Interestingly, they were placed in the medium market division, competing against stations in Peoria, Bloomington, Springfield, Rockford, Quad Cities, Carbondale, and Decatur. In the past, all college radio competed in small market. The first place winner went to WCIL in Carbondale.

The nominating committee received over 700 entries in all categories from Chicago, medium, and small markets throughout Illinois. Jackson and Hoffman were competing head-on with commercial broadcasters and were the only college students from a non-commercial educational station to be nominated in any category. In fact, they were the first college students to break through in the commercial competition in the past five years.

“Nik has been the consistent radio voice of Lincoln College basketball for four consecutive seasons and he’ll be back for a fifth in the fall,” Malone said. “That’s a milestone that will be very difficult to top. He has become a top notch play-by-play broadcaster and will be extremely successful wherever his career takes him. Adam knows basketball inside and out. His insight and on-air chemistry with Nik blends together to create a broadcast on par with any professional play-by-play and color commentary duo anywhere in the country.”

Malone also noted that the expanding Radio, Television and New Media program at Lincoln College added broadcast responsibilities for volleyball this year and greatly expanded its television coverage.

The Illinois Broadcasters Association honors capped a year of consistent accolades for the pair and for the Radio, Television, and New Media program at Lincoln College. In March, they were recognized for Best Radio Play by Play for men’s basketball among college students nationwide at the Intercollegiate Broadcast System awards in New York. And, last September, they were honored as Best Play by Play among college broadcasters in Illinois at the Illinois Broadcasters Association Student Silver Dome Awards.

Jackson, from Springfield, is entering his final year at Lincoln College. Hoffman, from Ashland, will be a junior at Lincoln College in 2019-2020.