Lincoln College recently recognized students earning special honors during a virtual Honors Convocation on May 5-8. The ceremony commemorated exemplary students who achieved academic success and demonstrated outstanding service to the Lincoln College campus or local community. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, students were recognized on social media platforms.

Lincoln College Associate Degree students earning a 3.5-3.79 GPA were recognized as Dean’s Scholars. Students who were named Dean’s Scholars include: Amazing Ashby, Allena Benniger, Mykel Cross, Kennedy Lolling, Morgan Lolling, Claire Pierce, and Olivia Sanders.

Lincoln College Associate Degree students earning a 3.8-4.0 GPA were recognized as President’s Scholars. Students who were named President’s Scholars include: Aleck Bailey, Jordan Jacobs, Kelsey Lee, Bryanne McBride, Anyah Randolph, Emma Ritterbush, Joel Singley, Madison Skelton, Sitivi Sooaemalelagi, Myah Vlahogenis

Lincoln College Bachelor Degree students earning a 3.5-3.69 GPA graduated with Cum Laude honors. Students graduating Cum Laude include: Makayla Atwood, Hannah Cameron, Mallory Garey, Sally George, Nadine Gonzalez, Abigail Herberger, Lakia Jones, Nicholas Kidd, Bret Logsdon, Emma Nepolello, Richelle Phillips, Ethan Rummel, Michelle Simpson, Elysa Smith, Clayton Stuart, Nicolette Walker

Lincoln College Bachelor Degree students earning a 3.7-3.89 GPA graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors. Students graduating Magna Cum Laude include: David Abrams, Tina Benedetto, Miranda Berglin, Sally Brumfield, James Craig, EmmaLee Derry, Marko Dominovic, Laney Dwyer, Brenden Fasken, Kevin Fry, Marissa Hartman, Kaylyn Hoffert, Joseph Johnson, Joseph Manno, Anna McKee, Courtney McNutt, Stephanie Nold, Raquel Penka, Nautica Preston, Samuel Richardson, Jordan Roetker, Vera Rolf, Linda Salisbury, Jessica Schimanski, Mikayla Seibert, Jaylee Swinford, Jennifer Taylor, Abby TenHaken, Alma Torres, Angela Vaughn, Nina Vezzetti, Gregory Westbook

Lincoln College Bachelor Degree students earning a 3.9 or higher GPA graduated with Summa Cum Laude honors. Students who graduated Summa Cum Laude include: Alex Beck, Ana Isabel Conde Coss, Starkey Hedger, Zachary Heward, Stephanie Julien, Rachel Menken, Tyler Milligan, Brittany Morris, Brent Oest, Adam Pool, Angel Priest, Makenzie Rendleman, Ashley Requejo, Juston Seglem, Lori Siensa, Austin Sims, Aja Stokes-Weston, Ryan Thomas, Erica Thompson, Matthew Tompkins, Keisha Tucker, Barbara Williford, Tyler Zimmerman

All students earning Dean’s Scholars, President’s Scholars Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Summa Cum Laude honor designations received honor cords.

Lincoln College students were also recognized with All-College Awards, Departmental Awards, and Service Awards.

Student earning All-College Awards include : Alex Beck, Lincoln Academy of Illinois Student Laureate Award; Nicholas (Nik) Jackson, President’s Meritorious Service Award; Trey Jones, Marvin D. “Swede” Johnson Award; Ryan Thomas, Layman Athletic Award; Mya Patrick, American Legion Award for Citizenship; Brittany Skrzypczynski, William B. McKinley Award; Nauytica Johnson, William B. McKinley Award; Laney Dwyer, Samuel B. Evans Prize Award; Mya Patrick, Samuel B. Evans Prize Award; Sally Brumfield, Madrigale Maconaghie McKeever Award; and Lakia Jones, Madrigale Maconaghie McKeever Award.

Lincoln College students recognized for their outstanding work in an academic department include: Zaknafein Luken, Video Producer of the Year Award; Nicholas Jackson, Radio Achievement Award; Courtney McNutt, Outstanding Criminal Justice Award; Aja Stokes-Weston, Outstanding Criminal Justice Award; Alexis Garcia, Exercise Science Award; Dalton Presswood, Judd Science Award; Dalton Presswood, Earl and Pearl McKeever Award; Tyler Zimmerman, Alex Gordon Award; Marko Dominovic, Alex Gordon Award; Ana Isabel Conde Coss, Roy Clapper Award; Christian Lloyd, Coral Bonnell Maconaghie Award; Christian Lloyd, Herbert O. Merry Award; Katrina Ruoxuan Wu, Theatre Arts Award; and Mion Denton, Theatre Arts Award.

Lincoln College students recognized for outstanding service include: Anyah Randolph, Alpha Psi Omega Award; Barbara Williford, Alpha Sigma Lambda Award; Myah Vlahogenis, Phi Theta Kappa Iota Chi Distinguished Member Award; Allena Benninger, All Illinois Academic Team Award; and Myah Vlahogenis, All Illinois Academic Team Award.

Lincoln College is dedicated to providing a transformative learning experience for students with many opportunities to serve in leadership and community service roles. Honor awards are reserved for the highest achieving graduates at Lincoln College who exemplify excellence in the attainment of their educational goals.

Lincoln College is proud to recognize these distinguished and accomplished Lynx students.