Students from Lincoln College’s MacKinnon School of Business were recently inducted into Sigma Beta Delta (SBD) International Honor Society for Business, Management, and Administration. Two students from the Lincoln campus and fourteen students from the Accelerated Bridge to Education (ABE) program in Normal, were inducted on April 29.

Inducted into SBD were Jamie Anderson (Normal), Elizabeth Bankole (Rockford), Christina Boyer (Havana), Lesley Bridge (New Holland), Andre Burress (Princeton), Starkey Hedger (Bloomington), Joseph Johnson (Bloomington), Ryan Kirkley (Decatur), Tiarra Morgan (Calumet Park), Marissa Muffler (Ottowa), Stephanie Nold (Bloomington), Joshua Ohmart (Normal), Christina Rook (Brimfield), Jennifer Sutton (Normal), Richard Waldron (Peoria), and Barbara Williford (Normal).

Acceptance of this honor signals to the world a student’s collegiate accomplishments and promise of future achievement. As SBD members, students join a prestigious group of academic and business leaders dedicated to the continual pursuit of meaningful aspirations. SBD membership conveys academic excellence and a commitment to high principles and superior achievement throughout one’s lifetime.

The ceremony was officiated via Zoom meeting platform by Dr. Jonathan Pierce – Division Chair of the MacKinnon School of Business; Dr. Diana Heeb Bivona – Assistant Professor of Business; and Aaron Hurley – Associate Professor of Business. Students’ family members and friends were also present for the induction ceremony.

The keynote speaker delivered an inspiring message to students. Richard Johnson, Director of Career Services at Lincoln College, and former member of a military Special Operations unit, challenged students to “do what others won’t, so that tomorrow you can do what others can’t.”