Business Competition Team MembersBusiness students from the MacKinnon School of Business at Lincoln College attended the International Accreditation Council for Business Education’s (IACBE) Annual Conference and Assembly Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 8-11.

For the meeting, Lincoln College was just one of eight student teams from the United States, Germany, and Guam chosen to compete in the annual live business case competition. Lincoln College’s student team members included senior undergraduate business majors Jessica Jackson, Shae Ramos, Gregory Scott and Stormie Snider, along with their Faculty Advisor Dr. Diana Heeb Bivona.

The IACBE case-study competition provides students with an opportunity to showcase their abilities to analyze a live business case, to identify and discuss recommendations, and to “think on their feet.” In their case presentations, each team must identify and explain the relevant background information of the case, which may include relevant legal, financial, economic, marketing, and management issues. After presenting the case information, the teams must make recommendations for action to the client.

Students found the experience to be a rewarding and insightful one with Shae Ramos commenting, “I didn’t realize how much I actually learned in my program until competing in this competition.”

Greg Scott agreed, “We were able to apply our knowledge from the classroom and put together and actually watch experts digest the information we provided.”

“We are extremely proud of our students who competed against teams that were, in some cases, comprised of MBA-level students operating their own businesses.  The competition was top-notch, and our students held their own conducting themselves with professionalism and integrity,” said advisor Dr. Heeb Bivona.

The IACBE was founded in 1997 and is nationally recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.