Why do you love Lincoln College? Let’s hear it!

Join thousands of fellow Lynx today on social media and use #LynxToLincoln to share why you love Lincoln College. Take a selfie in your favorite Lynx gear, share a throwback pic from your time at LC or just type it out—tell everybody what makes Lincoln College special!

Whatever you decide do, be sure tag your posts with #LynxToLincoln and include to keep the conversation going.

If you need inspiration, check out the sample messages below.


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I had the best years of my life at Lincoln College! Admitted students, share your plans to join the Lynx family at! #LynxToLincoln

Thinking about transferring? Do what I did and transfer to Lincoln College! You’ll be glad you did!  Visit and let everyone know you’re joining Lynx Nation! #LynxToLincoln


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Make today the day YOU decide to #LynxToLincoln! Proudly share your decision via

Want to be part of the Lynx family? What are you waiting for? #LynxToLincoln today at