Student Leadership Program Positioned to Influence the Campus and Community

//Student Leadership Program Positioned to Influence the Campus and Community

Student Leadership Program Positioned to Influence the Campus and Community

The student leadership program at Lincoln College brought thirty-two Lincoln College student leaders back to campus early to participate in workshops and volunteer in the Logan County community.

The summer leadership training is designed to help develop students into leaders and prepare them for their future. The non-traditional design of the program brings student leaders from all different departments on campus together as one universal body of leaders, instead of individuals, to collaborate towards a common goal.

The two week long training program includes workshops ranging from diversity to student success.

Zach Landers, Coordinator of Student Activities at Lincoln College said the program will help students beyond college. “Students are learning how to become active citizens in their communities and why it’s important to be engaged in their communities in order to understand the culture and social issues present where they live,” said Landers.

When asked what one of the biggest life lessons learned from this program was, sophomore athlete and student resident assistant, Logan McDaniel was quick to answer. “We have been given the tools to unknowingly influence the lives of others.”

McDaniel’s statement is the message Landers hopes continues to spread throughout the campus and community. “The entire campus community is excited to help our students become actively engaged and involved not only on campus, but more importantly in the Lincoln community.”

Student leaders used those tools to give back to the Logan County community through volunteering and service projects at the Humane Society, Mission Mart, LC buildings and grounds, and Castle Manor, to name a few.

The group collectively expressed they have gained appreciation and respect for individuals and realize it’s the little actions that matter the most.

Student Government President, Jovalle Mahon, a Junior Criminal Justice Major said the goal moving forward is to continue to help guide incoming students with their educational endeavors while expanding the College’s presence throughout the community.

“When people think of Lincoln, I want them to think of Lincoln College!” expressed Brock Bunner, Vice President of Student Government.

The student leaders represent the following areas: Student Government, Office of Student Activities, Resident Assistants, Student Service Assistants, and Ambassadors.

The entire student body will be back on campus for classes August 22.

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