Mosaic Floor

Mosaic Floor

The Mosaic is a place for open-minded individuals to expand their knowledge and discover the world around them. This is also a balanced community founded upon the principles of multiculturalism and international awareness. This floor focuses on planning events that bring groups on campus together to celebrate their various backgrounds and learn about others’ as well. Events can range from a variety of themes; from community service, to cultural dinners, dance parties, or awareness activities. These kinds of events are planned by the members who live on this floor and are passionate about integration on the Lincoln College campus. The floor members are encouraged to celebrate their own cultures and teach others about them through group dinners, home cooked meals, and regular group bonding events. The Mosaic organizes one large social event each year in conjunction with the Campus Diversity Week.


Community expectations:

  • Actively participate in floor programming and outreach initiatives
  • Attend at least 2 multicultural programs either campus-wide or in the community per semester
  • Support and assist in creating an inclusive and respectful environment

 Location: HS 3rd  floor North Wing


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