Residence Halls

Lincoln College offers a variety of options for on-campus student housing for our students. Our mission is to build strong communities through individual support and respect within our student body and throughout Lincoln College. We foster unity and understanding amongst our student body and are focused on creating and supporting environments of education and growth where all are treated with dignity and respect.


Traditional-Style Residence Halls

Our traditional-style residence halls offer students the best on-campus living accommodations for socializing and interacting with their peers in a setting designed to enhance the living and learning environment.

The building layout for traditional halls features air-conditioned double rooms with community bathrooms on every floor. Each room contains telephone and internet connections and a cable TV outlet. Lounges with television access, centrally located microwaves and toaster, vending machines, and laundry facilities are available in all traditional-style residence halls.

Olin-Sang Hall

Women's Hall

Olin-Sang is an all female residence hall offering double occupancy living options. Students living in Olin-Sang have the opportunity to live with a roommate and be part of a community that has always felt like “home.”

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Hoyle Hall

Women's Hall

Heritage North and West is a suite-style residence hall. Residents in this building have a single room, but share a bathroom with their suite mate.

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Carroll North and South

Men's Hall

Carroll North and South is an all male residence hall offering double room living options. Students living in Carroll North and South have the opportunity to live with a roommate and be part of a thriving community at Lincoln College.

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More Information

If you have questions or would like further information about our residence halls, please visit our contact page.