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Business Management

Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management Degree is designed to provide students with a rich, comprehensive, and challenging curriculum that encompasses the major fields of study in business management.

Community and Human Services

Bachelor of Arts

This program prepares students for graduate study in social work or careers in service to others in individual and community settings. Students take courses in sociology, psychology, and community and human services to integrate knowledge and understanding of the socio-economic and cultural context through which community and human services are delivered to provide students with the cultural competence needed to deliver effective services.

Conservation Biology

Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Conservation Biology is an interdisciplinary program, challenging students to utilize skills and knowledge from a variety of scientific fields in order to address complex environmental issues. The Conservation Biology major is grounded in natural science and mathematics.

Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Science

A Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Lincoln College offers students a wide range of contemporary curriculum classes with a balance of academic and professional knowledge. Classes offered include training in diversity studies, international criminal justice, and women in criminal justice. Students have the opportunity to engage in internships in various criminal justice agencies.

Exercise Science

Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science prepares students for careers in the four principle fitness sectors of sport, industry, health and education. The program culminates in an internship experience allowing students to apply their knowledge of exercise science and physiology in a professional setting working with clients and a research seminar in which the student designs an exercise program for an identified population.


Bachelor of Arts

The goal of the Bachelor of Arts in Law program is to prepare graduates to advance to law school or pursue other career opportunities requiring a solid foundation in law such as paralegals, legal administrative assistants, and legal interns

Liberal Arts

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts is designed to provide students with a curriculum that is broad, flexible, and challenging, and to provide the means for degree recipients to be liberally educated and recognize the inter-relatedness of knowledge. Students take courses from five core areas: Communications; Social Sciences; Humanities; Critical Reasoning and Analytic Methods; and Science, Technology and the Environment.


Bachelor of Arts

Music Business and Production and Music Performance and Production are two degree paths that build on a core Jazz Studies curriculum with practical skills that will prepare students for careers in the multi-faceted and fast-paced music and performing arts industries. Students will learn from nationally recognized music industry professionals and engage in the artistic process from start to finish.

#1 The Music Business and Production path offers students an interdisciplinary array of courses in music production and publishing, audiovisual editing and finishing, recording arts history, and the overarching business fundamentals that govern the music industry. Successful graduates will enter the workforce with practical musical knowledge, production skills, and business acumen.

#2 The Music Performance and Production path combines foundational music training with an emphasis on music performance as an integrative process that includes theater, audiovisual storytelling, recording arts production, and film media. Students will participate in all stages of the conceptualization, production, and performance of original music.

Organizational Leadership

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership offers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary curriculum which prepares students to assume an advanced leadership role in their current or future organization.

Radio, Television and New Media

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Radio, Television and New Media prepares students for careers in all types of media production. Students will have the opportunity to script, produce, direct, edit, manage, program, promote and distribute media.

Sport Management

Bachelor of Science

The curriculum provides the student with academic preparation and practical training in sport settings. The Sport Management degree is designed to provide students with rich, comprehensive, and challenging curriculum that encompasses the major fields of study in sport that prepares them for a career in sports.


Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre is designed to produce well-rounded theatre generalists. Graduates will possess training that will prepare them to assume roles in regional theatres, enter graduate school, or allow them to assume leadership positions in the community based theatres.