Bachelor of Arts


Bachelor of Arts

Program Overview

A Bachelor of Arts degree in Music encompasses coursework in songwriting, visual and audio production, and the presentation of live events on campus and in the community. All of these collaborative dimensions contribute to the development of authentic contemporary voices and media that bridge the gap between the classroom and the public square. Musical knowledge and performance skills will prepare students for careers as performers, music and fine arts administrators, community teaching instructors, an advanced degree in music performance or education, or a career in the recording arts, among other potential professional paths.

Music Business and Production and Music Performance and Production are two degree paths that build on a core Jazz Studies curriculum with practical skills that will prepare students for careers in the multi-faceted and fast-paced music and performing arts industries. Students will learn from nationally recognized music industry professionals and engage in the artistic process from start to finish.






Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate competence in chosen instrument or vocal skill.
  • Exhibit effective written and oral communication skills in a music industry context.
  • Apply practical knowledge of music production and arrangement.
  • Participate effectively in collaborative music industry environments.
  • Critically evaluate the historical, cultural, and societal impacts of music from a theoretical perspective.
  • Exhibit creativity, artistry, and basic technological skills in music production.
  • Employ aptitude and ingenuity in the presentation and capture of live performances.
  • Evaluate the business, legal, and ethical issues inherent to music publishing, production, and marketing.
  •  Integrate sound business and legal principles to music industry practices.

Experience & Opportunities

  • Music internship opportunities in Chicago and surrounding areas.
  • Numerous performances year-round on and off-campus, with some paid opportunities. 
  • Artist-in-residence program inviting professional artist and creative people to join our students in off-campus experiences.
  • Experienced working musicians providing private lesson instruction.
  • Develop custom websites to profile your biography, performances, and original music.
  • Paid community teaching and outreach opportunities. 
  • Preparation for graduate-level study. 
  • Hands-on learning opportunities in production and publishing, audiovisual editing and finishing, recording arts history, business fundamentals.


In addition to preparation for graduate study of music, students can prepare for careers as a/n:


  • Live Music Industry Producer 
  • Professional Touring Musician 
  • E-Commerce Creative Services Producer 
  • Music and Fine Arts Administrator 
  • Executive Director at Music Fine Arts Organizations 
  • Cultural District Music Programming Director 
  • Music Public Relations Manager 
  • Live Music Industry Operations Manager 
  • Sound and Recording Engineer 
  • Music Tour Manager 
  • Community Music Instructor 
  • Music Licensing Manager  

Music students at Lincoln College compose, perform and record their own original works. Hear two original compositions by students Sean Sheldon and Christian Lloyd.


Required Coursework

MUSIC Foundation Courses (18 Hours) 
MUS 101 - Foundations of Music
MUS 105 - Beginning Class Piano
MUS 106 - Intermediate Class Piano
MUS 116 - Music Appreciation
MUS 141 - Music Theory
MUS 142 - Music Theory II
MUS 143 - Aural Skills I
MUS 144 - Aural Skills II

MUSIC Universal Core Courses (20 Hours) 

MUS 319 - Jazz History
MUS 330 - Commercial Music Lab
MUS 331 - Evolution of Popular Music Production
MUS 334 - Music Publishing
MUS 344 - Rhythmic Studies
MUS 360 - Songwriting Seminar

MUS 411 - Recording Studio Production

MUS 415 -  Visual Production for the Recording Arts


MUSIC Universal Practica (10 Hours) 

MUS 138 (four semesters) - Music Revue
MUS 151 (two semesters) - Music Combo
MUS 191 (four semesters) - Applied Lessons


Concentration in Music Performance and Production (16 Hours) 
MUS 241 - Music Theory III
MUS 242 - Music Theory IV

MUS 243 - Aural Skills III
MUS 244 - Aural Skills IV
MUS 341 - Jazz Arranging
MUS 342 - Jazz Theory

MUS 391 - Junior Recital
MUS 491 - Senior Recital


Concentration in Music Business and Production (16 Hours) 
BUS 101 - Financial Accounting
BUS 202 - Foundations of Entrepreneurship

BUS 203 - Principles of Marketing
LAW 101 - Introduction to Legal Studies
LAW 315 - Entertainment Law


Program Contact

Dr. Denise La Grassa
Music Lead Faculty
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-800-569-0556