Portraits of Success

Graduates Recognition

The Lincoln College Office of Career Services would like to recognize the following students who were successful in landing a first destination job.  These individuals worked hard and took control of their own future to be noticed by potential employers as essential assets for the companies that they represent. These students have secured a position of employment post-graduation or have been guaranteed employment upon graduation completion and are now looking beyond the horizon for exciting opportunities yet unknown.  For those who have begun to take their first steps into a brilliant and fulfilling career, we salute you!

Belle Wang

I am devoted to training students to develop a good command of the English language, a broad range of knowledge, international vision, respect of different cultures and the abilities to learn, think critically, create and cooperate.

Christian Lloyd

Christian works one on one with aspiring music students to develop their knowledge and practical performance skills.  He develops and implements a lesson plan that is tailored to the student’s capabilities and schedule constraints.


More Notable Graduates