Lincoln College Policy and Procedures for Student Complaints

Lincoln College is committed to respecting all members of our community and providing a quality educational experience and living environment for all our students.  Occasionally, a student will encounter a College-related problem that he or she does not know how to resolve.  When this happens, students should always try to work out the problem by first discussing it with those directly involved with the issue.  If, however, an issue or problem still exists, there is a formal complaint process that students may initiate.  All formal complaints must be put in writing using the online Student Complaint Form.  If a form is submitted without a student’s name, the complaint will not be considered.  The objective of the Student Complaint Policy is to ensure that the concerns and complaints of all students are addressed fairly and are resolved promptly.

You can fill out the Student Complaint Form online here.
Or Download the form to print out here.

Exclusions:  This form should not be used to submit complaints or grievances regarding:

  • Identity-based Bias/Title IX

Kristen Robinson –  Director of Human Resources
Harts Science – Lower Level

  • Disabilities

Susan Boehler – Vice President for Enrollment Mgt. and Student Services
University Hall – 108

  • Grade appeals

Dr. Hamin Shabazz – Vice President for Academic Affairs
University Hall – 106

  • Student Conduct appeals

Bridgett Thomas – Dean of Students
Student Services Building

Please see the Student Handbook for additional information.

If this is an emergency situation, please contact campus security : 217-737-4477

A record of all complaints and their resolution will be documented and the records will be kept in the Dean of Students Office located in the Student Services Office.  The Dean of Students maintains a composite spreadsheet of student complaints and tracks the number of issues that result in a formal grievance each year.  The tracking form includes information on the student who made the complaint, the nature of the complaint and the resolution.  Complaints are categorized by type and reviewed annually for trends and issues that need to be addressed.  Resulting concerns are addressed in individual professional development plans as well as departmental goals.

2019-2020 Student Handbook (Page 29)

2018-19 Course Catalog