Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Lincoln College uniquely empowers students to realize their full potential.


Our Vision

“To be a recognized leader in transforming students’ lives.”


Our Values


Teaching Excellence

Unique Value Proposition

Diverse College Community

Empowered People

Nurturing Environment

Transforming Lives

Student Success


Guiding Principles

1. The Namesake College

Lincoln College is one of two institutions of higher learning named after Abraham Lincoln during his lifetime, and the only institution that continues to bear his name. We will continue to honor that connection by embracing Lincoln’s values of empathy, vision, leadership, perseverance, honesty, and intellect.


2. Four- and Two-Year College

Lincoln College has developed a model of degree offerings through associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs, traditional and accelerated delivery modes, and multi-locations. We will continue to use our strengths as a multi-faceted institution to provide students effective and innovative options as they pursue their varied academic goals.


3. Personalized Attention

Lincoln College has long been known for providing a high degree of personalized attention to our students. We will continue to value each student as an individual and to be responsive to their unique needs.


4. Liberal Arts Tradition

Lincoln College is proud of its history and dedicated to its mission as a liberal arts college. We will continue to graduate lifelong learners with excellent critical thinking, problem solving, and communications skills.


5. Diverse College Community

Since its founding in 1865, Lincoln College has been an inclusive institution. Lincoln College is proud of its heritage as a diverse community of learners. We will continue to support and engage our diverse student body, and to value and celebrate our culturally rich community.